What People Are Saying

  • FreedomWorks is a safe place for total restoration for guys coming out of prisons, jails and various forms of addiction back to a community of like-minded believers fully committed to the well-being of others.
    Curtis - volunteer,
  • The guys in the house both remind me of what God has done in my life and make me excited about what more He will do!
    Jeff - Staff,
  • Coming out of prison made my first experience with FreedomWorks both surreal and overwhelming. I got to the Welcome Back Center and had the first bit of privacy in over 3 years. A comfortable bed, real food, and friendly, welcoming smiles. I actually broke down at the Thursday Night Connection. I had absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back, basically. FreedomWorks presented me with a bus pass along with the food and clothing vouchers. I learned that there truly ARE people who actually care about me.
    T. S., Resident,
  • FreedomWorks is in my neighborhood, about 4 blocks from my house. As both a Christian and a community resident I am happy to see the positive work of this ministry.
    S. R., Community Member,
  • FreedomWorks goes after the heart of the matter. It goes to the very heart of that individual, and once that's changed, then you see long term lasting results.
    Doris, Volunteer,
  • God's word is applicable to our life. It's my roadmap. It's my blueprint of success - of how to transition out of captivity, into the life that God intended us to have.
    George - Staff,