One of our core beliefs is to help participants reconcile to community. One way they can start is to volunteer on campus. This week we celebrate all of our Volunteers of the Month and recognize two very special individuals, our Volunteers of the Year.

Davy is being recognized as our Worship Volunteer of the Year. Davy can often be heard in the Bob T. Fellowship Hall practicing and leads the Worship team on Thursday nights.

Dakota is being recognized as our Volunteer of the Year. Dakota started out volunteering in the Bread of Life food pantry and has proven to be such a reliable guy that he has been called upon to help with JailBreakers, and he does it all with a smile on his face!

Throughout the campus and on every floor, FreedomWorks appreciates every little way that participants support the community. Volunteering is an important aspect to our program and every participant is encouraged to find a way to engage their strengths to support the community.