Larry with Mentor Ron

I chose Freedom Works because of one reason:  The Mentors- Christian men willing to offer their personal time to help men like me walk out the Bible in everyday situations; I needed that.  I needed a person who knows God and who puts that knowledge into everyday life, not just on Sunday or in front of others.

Within three weeks of my release I chose one of these mentors.  He has introduced me to God on a daily walk, shares his time, listens to me and prays with me.  It is not easy reentering society after spending 235 months, (19 ½ years), in prison.  My mentor took the time to look over the walls of my defenses, to help me break them down and learn how to trust.

— Larry, Alumni/ Facility Lead

What is expected of a Mentor?

1) Meet regularly (at least 3x per month) with your mentee.

2) Attend monthly mentor community meetings (2nd Saturday 9:30 – 11:00 AM)

3) Attend relational meeting with your mentee outlining:

        i. the mentor process and expectations for your mentee

        ii. the do’s and don’ts for a mentoring relationship

        iii. the process of working through hurdles/concerns

4) Share a contact plan with your mentee

5) Utilize resources when growth opportunities arise and

6) Ask for assistance as needed.

How do I become a Mentor?

1. Share your interest with us by calling: 612-522-9007 Ext. 3 or 701

2. Schedule a Site Visit or drop by a Thursday Connection (See below).

3. Fill out the Application Form Below

4. Attend a FW Orientation Briefing

5. Avail yourself for being matched with a mentee.

7. Attend on-going trainings as scheduled

        a. Any In-corrections volunteer will        need to attend the on-line Prison Fellowship (PF) training which has a 30- day completion window.  (This activity requires an additional application with PF and the MNDOC).


Mentor Application

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Chemical Dependency and Criminal Background

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