Starting at an early age I lived a lawless life chasing flesh. I started going to chemical dependency treatment centers at the age of 12. I am 33 years old now and have been to over two dozen centers, in and out of jails, psychiatric wards, and the emergency rooms.

I got tired of the same old patterns and attempted suicide in my late 20’s. I was revived four times; in a comma for a month; and my loved ones were told I was going to die. Some stories of near-death experiences are of bright light and seeing loved ones or even Jesus. Mine was a different experience and it scared me. However, I kept committing the same behaviors and seeking the same life-less things.

Thank God for 2021! At that time, I went to jail for eight months and met an amazing friend in jail who supported me in my struggle without any reservations. This individual ended up going to FreedomWorks just to get the courts off his back and ended up finding the Lord. This inspired me to do something different in my life. I took a leap of faith and voluntarily came to Freedom Works. It was a hard decision because my marriage was in shambles, and I had two young boys at home. I knew in my spirit that I was not the father I could be and needed support to become a better man, father, and husband.

My journey at FreedomWorks has not been all sunshine and roses. I stumbled in my recovery and had multiple challenges in my personal life; all of which seemed to compile on me all at one time. My now ex-wife called to inform me that she wanted a divorce. Two hours later my mother called to inform me that my father has colon cancer. My uncle died two years ago on Christmas Eve from his five-year battle to colon cancer. For many weeks I felt shattered. I often fell to my knees out of hopelessness and devastation. My community at FreedomWorks picked me up through the power of prayer & community relations (The South Dakota trip to Our Home Youth Services) which got me outside of my ongoing selfishness.

I am beyond grateful for FreedomWorks and the wonderful community which I now enjoy. Having a spiritual mentor was a big support for me. Also, communicating openly with the R&A Coordinator Brent Selge who encourage me to bring my struggles into a biblical focus. Eight months ago, I was lifeless, hopeless, and spiritually depleted…now I have a passion to spread love through God’s word and to secure my position within Christ. My hopes for reconciliation with my family is to lead by example. I am going to put God first, teaching my children about God’s ways and about the tricks of the evil one.

– Jared B