The JailBreakers On-the Job Training program team successfully embarked on their first off-site catering event on Sunday, August 13. They brought their delectable cuisine to one of our cherished church partners who has faithfully supported FreedomWorks for the past 15 years. Head Chef Mike R. skillfully prepared a mouthwatering chicken dinner infused with the essential ingredients of bacon and genuine love. Working alongside his dedicated team, Chef Mike ensured that every attendee received their meal piping hot, accompanied by warm and welcoming smiles. Our JailBreakers crew embraced this new venture with great enthusiasm and anticipation. Stephanie, FreedomWorks Community Partnership Manager, shared her experience in the kitchen that morning as a “palpable sense of excitement in the air”. As the team gathered for prayer before departure, a serene gratitude to God for the present moment permeated the group and created an atmosphere of profound beauty. This event marks a milestone of JailBreakers program, and they are now fully prepared to bring their culinary expertise and exceptional service to any event. To reserve catering for your event, simply email Stephanie at

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