More than half a MILLION Minnesotans go to bed hungry every night, 63,000 children…..

You can make a huge difference in North Minneapolis with your Monthly recurring donation to the

Bread of Life Food Pantry.

At Bread of Life Food Pantry, FreedomWorks participant’s volunteer their time to run a Community Outreach for our neighbors in North Minneapolis.  They learn to give back to the very community they selfishly took from. At our Community Outreaches no one should ever have to feel ashamed or embarrassed for needing help.  We make sure that no one ever feels like they are begging for food.  Everyone is treated with the love and respect that Jesus would share with another human being.

Because of our partnership with Second Harvest and Food group we are able to stretch the dollar to help our neighbors in North Minneapolis!  We need YOUR help to buy the food! Together with your recurring donation we can make sure families in North Minneapolis won’t go hungry this fall or winter.

To give a one-time or recurring donation of $50 $100 $300 $500 or $1000

click on this link

and select the Frequency, Amount and Apply my donation as: Bread of Life Food Pantry-Service.