Grogan, we will call him G for short, entered into FreedomWorks sponsored lodging program with PIR.  Towards the end of his treatment he approached me about coming up to the R&A floor saying, “I want what you and Marlin have.” His words blew me away.  He wanted peace and joy!

Grogan is always the first person to smile and say, “What’s up Bro? How are you?” and he is sincere to the core.  It was funny to hear him speak about his past gang affiliation and prison bits because I couldn’t quite picture this man being that person.  But that’s the God we serve isn’t it? He transforms in ways that we couldn’t dream up.  

G only stayed for a month on the floor because he could feel God reconciling him back to his family and calling him to marry his long time girlfriend.  Today Grogan is back at home with his wife, working, sober, and with a baby on the way.  I love how God brings things back to life. —- Brent (Reentry & Aftercare Coordinator)

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