Chris joined FreedomWorks in December of 2021 following the completion of a women’s program at a partnering ministry.  Chris was not quite ready to live independently without various supports for maintaining sobriety and growing with life skills.  FreedomWorks was an answer to both a need and a prayer for Chris, as well as several other women who engage in FreedomWorks’ pilot women’s program in our graduate recovery community.  The Independent Success Program is run out of the graduate recovery community on the campus of FreedomWorks and allows participants to be future focused and engage in skill building and consistency which build both confidence and a foundation for long-term success.   

At a recent training meeting for a retreat for other participants, Chris shared with Mission Advancement Director, Randy Washington, that she had some news that she wanted to share with him.  Chris, who has mobility challenges, shifted her body position while in her chair and unveiled the diploma that communicated that she had earned her Associate of Science in Business Administration.  This is thrilling news because FreedomWorks is all about empowering participants to grow in ways that will add stability and life-giving success as participants reconcile with God, Family and Community! 

When Chris first arrived in the ISP program, she initially began down a road of isolation, depression, and transferring one unhealthy coping mechanism for another.  Over the span of a few months, Chris was challenged to invest in herself, and take steps to proactively manage her life and find her worth in her purpose.  Chris, in a quiet and confident way, took that challenge on, and did so in ways that staff were not fully aware of.  Praise God that Chris has been growing by leaps and bounds and is a role model for others on our campus in serving be it through the Bread of Life or Charis retreat ministries on our campus, or at her local church.  She is the fruit of the investment and partnership of FreedomWorks friends and ongoing supporter.  We are grateful for your connection with us.  You make Chris’ progress, and others like hers possible…to the Glory of God’s Kingdom.