On September 11th the nation remembered it’s 20 year journey since the fall of the Two Towers.  That date marked another significant journey for some of our participants.  A group of 11 participants, staff & volunteers went to Huron South Dakota, thanks to one of our new vans.  They shared with troubled teens the journey that broke the cycle of crime and addiction for them, in hopes that they would embrace Christ and break the cycle earlier than they did.  Aaron shares with us just a glimpse of the journey he went through in breaking the cycle and being able to reach back to these kids: 

“Wow, the miracles!  To go from absolutely no hope to having so much that I could even spread it to others.  From non-existent boundaries to being able to make them when others could not or would not.  From not having a purpose to serving others in meaningful ways all at once.  From feeling disconnected with everything and everyone too being connected to an abundance of faith walkers that present endless opportunities to do great things.  This all started with Marlin believing in my potential and being given a safe place where people met me where I was at and walked with me from shame to glory!  Thank you God!  Thank you FreedomWorks!  Thank you PIR and many more!!”