Introduction to Volunteering

We can help you match your time and talents to the perfect opportunity.  You can opt-in at the level that God is asking you to.  What might that look like?

Participate by supporting the men as a spiritual mentor, career coach, financial coach and/or a sober friend.  Most of these opportunities involve weekly get-togethers and social outings to build relationship and support the men.

Participate in behind-the-scenes opportunities such as

  • mailings
  • help organize an event
  • be part of the food prep team at the Thursday Night Connection
  • assist in the computer lab
  • go to service projects with the guys
  • help with our building maintenance/renovation projects
  • capture the memories with photos and videos
  • spread the word with social media
  • be a part of the team who reaches out to current inmates

We invite you to use your gifts to help us accomplish the mission.  Opportunities are short-term commitments that offer abundant blessings to all participants.

To take the next step call or email Jeff Schwartz, Administrative Coordinator at 612-522-9007 |

You can also come to our Thursday Night Connections and see what we are about.

See the Calendar for details.

FreedomWorks is a discipleship model leading to life transformation.

“For what you have learned in front of many witnesses, now teach other faithful men who will indeed teach others.”
– 2 Timothy 2:2

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