Other Opportunities


Pray for the needs of the residents and the staff of FreedomWorks.


We would like to have a Volunteer Coordinator that would help FreedomWorks recruit, train, enable, schedule, and pair volunteer with areas of need.


  • Prison & Jail Ministry

    Work with men who are currently incarcerated through Bible studies and other educational resources and mentoring.
  • Resident Development

    Build relationships with prospective clients; Reentry Programs, Halfway Houses, Dept. of Corrections, Long-Term Treatment Programs, Churches, Prison Chaplains and Chemical Dependency Counselors.
  • Resource Development

    Develop resources to minister to the resident needs.
  • Mentoring

    Walking alongside the FreedomFreedomWorks men on a one-on-one basis.
  • Education

    Teaching, speaking or training in Bible studies, Life Skills classes, Computer training, Thursday Night Connection, etc.
  • Building Projects

    Helping with plumbing, electrical, light construction, painting, outdoor projects, etc. 
  • Clerical Support

    Helping the FreedomWorks office with projects such as; stuffing envelopes, proof-reading, publications, taking pictures, etc.

EVENTS/ SERVICE –  Hospitality

  • Holiday Events

    Serving for holiday events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pig Roast, Easter, etc.
  • Special Events

    Serving at special events to further the growth of the ministry.
  • Service Projects

    Serving in community outreaches & services. Serving in FreedomWorks building projects.


  • Marketing

    Bringing awareness of our mission through strategic mailings/stuffings, newsletters, save the date cards, FreedomWorks website, and social media.
  • Fundraising

    Develop strategies to further the mission of FreedomWorks, such as grants, special events, etc.
  • Business Development

    Develop a “for profit” business through FreedomWorks that would employ our guys.

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