The Mission of FreedomWorks exists only because Jesus sacrificed His Life on the Cross and walked out of the grave.  Because of what He did, I celebrated my 19th year of sobriety and my 16 year anniversary of coming to FreedomWorks after being released from prison.

Christ continues to be the center of the ministry and directs our vision. This year He is leading us in developing the first three phases of our Food Initiative Programs (Outlined above).  This initiative starts with the Bread of Life Food Pantry, but will soon turn to the Culinary Training and Catering Services.  Our objective is not only for participants to learn basic food handling, but to also provide opportunities for graduates of the Culinary Program to be employed into the catering business.  To successfully fulfill the 2022 vision for the Food Initiative we need your financial support.  Your contributions will give the same opportunity afforded to me 16 years ago to the 300 participants we will serve this year alone.  Your support also compensates the graduate leaders we have hired that now manage our programs.  Partner with us in raising $1.1M of our overall $2.5M annual budget.

I humbly ask that you consider supporting the 2022 year’s vision by sending a generous one time check, or by committing to be a monthly supporter!