With the holiday’s coming up, we are looking forward to being able to provide not only Thanksgiving groceries, but also to partner with Hawthorne Neighborhood council on the Winter Warmth program! At Bread of Life, we encourage our participants to show everybody the Love that Jesus has shown us.  They are learning to give back to the community and treat every person who walks through the door with the love and respect that Jesus would call us to show another human being.

For William, Thanksgiving can be really rough.  It is the day his mom passed away.  William, who had gotten on the wrong path, wasn’t able to be there due to his addiction.

Last year at FreedomWorks Turkey Drive William volunteered to help.  He shared how he had often been on the receiving end and was glad for this opportunity to give back.  William mentioned his mom was always giving and this was a way to do something for her that he couldn’t do in the past.  It was the first time William was part of such an event.  He found it very insightful, seeing that here is a lot of need and he was thankful to be a part of sharing love with others.  He looks forward to participating in this year’s Turkey Drive.

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