The Reentry & Aftercare Program

Our Reentry & Aftercare program is the foundation of FreedomWorks and is outlined with the gospel of Christ.  This is a working, self-pay community of men who are learning to build their lives upon Biblical principles.  Upon release from incarceration, these men are left with many obstacles to overcome, and often have no job, no home, very little money, and few opportunities for a better life. Faced with these realities, many fall back into crime because they see no other options.  This eight-month ministry process focuses on helping former offenders reconnect to their family, their faith, full-time employment, the recovery community, and the local church. This program is also available to those in any of the Transitional Programs at any time. Graduates of this program have earned the privilege to move into our Recovery Community Housing. APPLY

The 3 Transitional Programs 

Treatment Housing – FreedomWorks partners with various outpatient treatment providers, one of which offers services on our campus.  The treatment providers cover the participants’ lodging in our sober community.     These residents come through the treatment provider.

Transitional Housing Support– FreedomWorks supports board & lodging for men who qualify through state funding (formerly known as GRH).  Participants will need to attend to a program structure and be working towards independent living. APPLY

Self-Pay Sober Housing- This opportunity is for working men who desire to be involved within the FreedomWorks community, but are not necessarily suited for our other options.  These men share a unit and commit to sobriety and community interactions. APPLY

Recovery Community Housing

One bedroom or studio apartments are available to those who have graduated from the Reentry & Aftercare program.  We also offer these Sober Housing units to those that have one year of sobriety and employment.  There are some who qualify through the Minnesota Housing With Services Independent model. APPLY