Outpatient Lodging

Our Outpatient Lodging component supports other programs that help men to find and maintain sobriety.  It is for men in outpatient treatment programs who are in need of housing.   The sponsoring program pays for their lodging here at FreedomWorks.

Each unit accommodates 1 or 2 men with beds, dressers, nightstands, and refrigerators.  Residents share a community kitchen, lounge, and dining area.

Residents have a 10 pm curfew and must attend a weekly FreedomWorks house meeting and one other weekly FreedomWorks function (AA, Bible study, fellowship dinner, etc.). They must also attend one weekly outside meeting and be active in their outpatient program. These residents are invited to get involved with the 6-month Reentry and Aftercare program at any time during their stay.

Residents in the Outpatient Lodging program come to FreedomWorks as a referral from their sponsoring treatment program.