“It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” -Galatians 5:1


Impacting our community in a transforming, positive way has always been integral to the FreedomWorks ministry. As we move forward into the future vision for our new campus, we will engage with and improve our neighboring community in vital ways:

  • We will provide dignified, affordable housing to combat homelessness.
  • We will develop community outreach efforts to meet practical needs and improve quality of life.
  • We will invite our neighbors into the fellowship of our Bible studies, meals, and other gatherings to further create community and grow together.

Praise the Lord!  The City of Minneapolis has granted us the Conditional Use Permit to begin using our new facilities and set up new program to meet these needs.



Join us for our upcoming THURSDAY NIGHT CONNECTION

The Connection is a gateway for those interested in the FreedomWorks ministry and mission. It is a night that many mentors, volunteers, and residents come together for sharing a meal, being equipped and building new relationships.

  • The doors open at 5:45
  • Dinner Begins at 6:15
  • The teaching will start at 7:00

Terry and Francisco chose to have a date night by joining us on a Thursday Night.  Now you can see both of them serving us and serving God by helping to prepare and present the food at each Thursday Night Connection.

We Need Your Church’s Partnership

Local churches are a key foundation to helping FreedomWorks provide Christ-centered living. As FreedomWorks expands from serving 15 men to 150 individuals in various ways, we will need more local churches to become involved. So, how are churches encouraged to support the ministry? The answer lies with each one of us. Each of us can:

  1. Invite friends to the Thursday Night Connection, both men and women, and see if the Spirit is calling them to volunteer.
  2. Invite our church’s Mission and Youth Pastors to join in FreedomWorks service projects such as; yard work, cleaning, and painting. During a service project, residents get the chance to share with volunteers about Christ’s recovery work in their lives.
  3. Finally, once a calling for the ministry has been established, ask your church to budget out a financial gift. This assumes you are leading the way. Will you do this?

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