As of mid April, 2021 we have 140 participants in five individual program areas. The heart of our program is found in Christian development spread throughout the Reentry and Aftercare (Christian Discipleship model), Treatment, Supportive and Independent Living.  We are excited that God is giving us an opportunity to start working with women and their families. We are also implementing new Independent Life Skills Curriculums that include: Financial literacy, career, employment and computer training, entrepreneurship classes, Celebrate Recovery support groups, an expanded Mentoring program, and parenting classes for all program participants. Above and beyond our set programs we need to teach our participants how to have “sober fun” in a Christian community.  This summer we are planning fishing trips, outreaches, and sports games to do just that.  However, our current van is no longer drivable.  With 140 participants we need transportation.  Please, help us raise the necessary funding to purchase three 12 passenger vans, $75,000, that we will use to transport participants to these events along with church services and serving opportunities for years to come.

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