Covid-19 has disrupted many of our programs and events. We cancelled the spring and fall fundraisers that would have provided support needed to fund the remaining building renovations, seed money for us to hire new staff to support the 100 men now living on campus, and room furnishings.  This time has also challenged our thinking about our traditional holiday banquets.  Thanksgiving was focused on serving the participants dinner, watching football and playing bingo. With your support, we intend to make Christmas very special for all campus participants. We are launching a decorating and tree trimming contest on each of the individual program areas and throughout the common areas and campus grounds. Our Christmas celebration will be a reflection of God’s Love through a series of evening dinners complete with gifts for the participants. On New Years Eve we plan a night filled with games, pizza, refreshments and desserts.  Unfortunately, with our State orders in place, we have decided to cancel this year’s pig roast on New Years Day.