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Where we were

When did the FreedomWorks Ministry start?
  • FreedomWorks was founded in 2003 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by
    Fred Peterson and others leading Bible Study in Lino Lakes Prison.
What is the history of the FreedomWorks buildings?

In 2004, a building was purchased in North Minneapolis to serve as a Welcome Back Center for men returning to society from incarceration.  The building housed staff offices, a computer lab and a meeting room used for community meals and meetings, fellowship, counseling, prayer, education, and other FreedomWorks sponsored events. The building had five separate three man apartments.

In 2018, FreedomWorks moved to our present campus about a mile south of the previous building.  The new campus houses that same Reentry & Aftercare program that existed in the other facility.  It also provides sober housing for men who are in treatment programs that do not have their own residential facilities.  Another aspect of the new campus is that we are able to provide the much needed safe, sober housing for men who have graduated either from FreedomWorks Reentry & Aftercare program or from similar programs.  Along with all of the opportunities and services that had been available in the previous facility, we are able to provide employment and job training to some of our residents as they care for the three buildings and grounds.

There is much more space to move around and offer various ministries to the residents as well as to the community.  Along with housing offices for FreedomWorks staff, the Administration Building has a variety of tenants that serve not only the FreedomWorks community but the North Minneapolis community as well.