This year we have had extra challenges due to Covid-19. We had to shut down our weekly scheduled programming, cancel this year’s spring fundraiser, and delay the completion of the renovations needed to transition the men into the center building. Despite these challenges God has continued to reveal His faithfulness to the ministry. Renovations are now complete, 50 men are now living in the new Achievement Center, and we have reopened our larger group programming.

Our new programs engage a broader group of men right where they are in their recovery from addiction and reentry from incarceration. With that said, it is still our mission to guide men to have an encounter with the Author and Perfecter of our Faith, Jesus Christ. The heart of FreedomWorks programs is our Reentry & Aftercare program. This program is the foundation for Christian development. It lays the foundation for all participants in the other transitional programs to begin the healing from destruction and a life filled with pain.

As Christ-followers, we all have histories of struggle, pain, and distress where the Lord has been our comfort. One of the beautiful aspects of the Christian life is that, if we are willing, none of our challenging times are wasted. The Recovery Community provides housing for graduates of the Reentry and Aftercare program who are encouraged to reach back and minister to those who are just starting in our transitional programs. I am confident that the men who have experienced the comfort and love of God, will now comfort others as found in, 2 Corinthians 1:3-7.

— Randy Washington, Program Director