Success Stories


Brady’s release date was approaching, decisions needed to be made. In the past, this was always easy. He would go to the place that lets him have the most freedom. But something was different this time around. He wanted more for himself. He wanted a fighting chance to never return to prison. Brady went down the list of options for halfway houses and treatment centers. Some seemed cheap, and others easy. “Come here, do this and don’t do that and you’ll be fine,” was about all he heard. Brady had heard it all before.

Then FreedomWorks caught his eye. Something about those guys seemed different. “The revolving door stops here.” Brady felt that was him: a revolving door of prison, treatment centers, probation and parole offices, courtrooms, and dope houses.  He gave Steve a call, they prayed together, and it seemed right.  A few months later Brady went through the prison gates one last time. He arrived at FreedomWorks, and knew right away this was where he was supposed to be.

Brady says, “I worked an honest program; it wasn’t always easy, nothing good ever is. I abided by the covenant and felt myself changing on the inside. I was doing it for Christ; I was doing it for me.” As a graduate looking back, Brady can’t imagine any other program offering him the sense of community that he experienced at FreedomWorks. “If you’re like me, sick and tired of the revolving door, give FreedomWorks a call. I promise you’ll be glad you did.” -Brady Irons

 My earliest memories of crime, alcohol and drugs are associated with hanging out with a buddy named Buck.  At 10 years old we escaped our broken homes and daily pains by scoring a bag of dope and sharing a case of beer. This past January we connected for the first time in 38 years. I learned that much of our lives were filled with decades of addiction that lead to years in prison. Buck had no support in becoming sober.  All of his family members were using alcohol, weed and meth. As I listened, it was clear that my friend had never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the support that I received at FreedomWorks. 

With the launch of the new lodging program, we were able to meet Buck at his point of need.  After our initial meeting, Buck moved into the new campus in January.  Upon arriving at FreedomWorks, Buck accepted Christ as his personal savior.  Since then, he completed his chemical dependency treatment, transitioned into the Reentry discipleship program and recently celebrated nin months of sobriety.


He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and

the hearts of children to their fathers    – Malachi 4:6a


It is my honor to introduce you to Victor. I first met Victor while serving time together in St. Cloud prison in 2003.  Victor spent his lifetime addicted to drugs, and in gangs, along with seventeen years in and out of prison. He survived serving out his sentences as a hardened convict. He was released to FreedomWorks in 2012 but soon returned to the streets and eventually back to prison.

Reconciled to God: Colossians 1:19-22 Victor may have walked away from God, but Jesus never walked away from him. I have been utterly blown away with how God has moved in my friend’s heart and life during this last incarceration.  He was again released to FreedomWorks in January.

Family: Malachi 4:6   Upon Victor’s arrival, it was exciting to see how God blessed Victor and his two boys with our “Family Refuge” unit.  This apartment unit is set aside for men who enter into the FreedomWorks Reentry and Aftercare program. By signing out the unit, they can schedule over nights to spend quality time with their children.


Pictured here are Victor and his two boys in the Family Refuge Unit.