It takes many hands and generous hearts to make Christmas possible for the participants at FreedomWorks. The New Freedom Store provided handmade quilts that were gifted to every participant. They also provided backpacks and toiletries along with hats and gloves that rounded out the gift bags we filled thanks to generous donors. Westgate Church provided journals, playing cards, chapstick, and gift cards that made for a fun surprise on Christmas morning.

In addition, we were able to provide an assortment of toys that participants were able to “shop” to choose a gift for their children. A special “Thank you” to TLC Toys for the wooden vehicles and baby doll cradles along with ISD#279 Retired Teachers for the assortment of books that were much appreciated by participants.

Beyond the gifts, there were many activities planned between Christmas and New Year’s Day to keep people busy. Some went to a movie, others made homemade pizza. A bonfire in the parking lot, bingo in the Graduate Hall. There were games and movies in the Bob T. Fellowship Hall, and the New Year was celebrated with football and chili dogs. All of these activities were made possible by generous donors. Thank you!