Jason arrived at FreedomWorks in the fall of 2020 as a participant in the Recovery Community as a participant in the Independent Success Program.  Prior to Jason arriving at FreedomWorks, Jason had returned to the community after being incarcerated and for 30 months in a different sober lodging community.  Following his arrival, Jason was soon challenged by FreedomWorks program staff to begin to cultivate a vision around what long-term, stable community living would look like.  Like many participants of FreedomWorks, Jason had some significant barriers to overcome.  In general, individuals who have criminal histories have challenges is finding housing; and in addition, Jason needed to work on his credit/spending habits; and overcome some of the mental hurdles of worthiness and rejection that had historically served as anchors for his ability to move forward.  At FreedomWorks, thanks to your partnership and support, we provide the structure, support, and accountability for participants to grow beyond deep-seeded historical hurdles.

While engaging at FreedomWorks, Jason was able to identify a blueprint of how to move forward in meeting his most glaring needs.  Jason is excited about his journey and wants to share with others that if he can do it, anyone can!  Jason is grateful for FreedomWorks, and the ability to identify, and then “work a plan” that leads to long-term success and stability.  Congrats again Jason…you are doing it.  You are living the vision of FreedomWorks!