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Phase 1: Transition into Mentoring
Module 1 1A: Introduction to Mentoring  
Unit 1 A1- VIDEO: No Turning Back
Unit 2 A2- VIDEO: Making Freedom Work
Unit 3 A3- Why Become a FreedomWorks Mentor
Unit 4 A4- Mentoring Relationship Defined
Unit 5 A5- Four Core Beliefs in Mentoring
Unit 6 A6- Deciding to Become a Mentor
Unit 7 A7- VIDEO: Introduction to Mentor Training (Part 1)
Unit 8 A8- Why Mentor? (Video Part 1 Journaling Exercise)
Unit 9 A9- VIDEO: Introduction to Mentor Training (Part 2)
Unit 10 A10- Let’s Role! (Video Part 2 Journaling Exercise)
Module 2 1B: Making a Commitment to Mentoring  
Unit 1 B1- Mentoring Expectations
Unit 2 B2- Volunteer Code of Conduct
Unit 3 B3- Mentoring Dos and Don’ts
Unit 4 B4- Monthly Mentor Training & Support
Unit 5 B5- Mentoring Covenant Agreement
Module 3 1C: Understanding Our Mentoring Process  
Unit 1 C1- The Four Phases of the Mentoring Relationship
Unit 2 C2- FreedomWorks – A Healthy Community
Module 4 1D: The Residents' Experience  
Unit 1 D1- The Resident Manual
Unit 2 D2- Monday Night – Bible Study
Unit 3 D3- Thursday Night – Connection
Unit 4 D4- Monthly Food Drive - 2nd Friday of each month
Unit 5 D5- Weekend Expectations
Unit 6 D6- Events, Outings & other Opportunities
Module 5 1E: Prison Fellowship Printed Resources  
Unit 1 E1- Prison Fellowship – Model Principles of Reentry
Unit 2 E2- Prison Fellowship – Becoming a Reentry Mentor
Unit 3 E3- Prison Fellowship – Types of Mentoring Relationships
Module 6 1F: The Mentoring Relationship  
Unit 1 F1- VIDEO: Laying the Groundwork
Unit 2 F2- VIDEO: Be a Friend
Unit 3 F3- Let’s Do Something!
Unit 4 F4- VIDEO: Be Approachable
Unit 5 F5- VIDEO: Be Honest
Unit 6 F6- Is this Accountability?
Unit 7 F7- Case Study ONE –
Unit 8 F8- Case Study TWO –
Module 7 1G: The Tools for Mentoring  
Unit 1 G1- VIDEO: Needs Assessment & Assessment Guide
Unit 2 G2- VIDEO : Goal Setting & Steps to Goal Achievement Worksheet
Unit 3 G3- VIDEO: Crisis Management & The Crisis Management Flow Chart
Unit 4 G4- VIDEO: Community Resources
Module 8 1H: Rentry Goals in 3's  
Unit 1 H1- VIDEO: Model of 3’s
Unit 2 H2- VIDEO: First 3 Minutes
Unit 3 H3- VIDEO: First 3 Hours
Unit 4 H4- VIDEO: 3 Days, Weeks, and Months
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Phase 2: Transparency in Relationships
Module 1 2A: Prison Culture: A Prisoner's World  
Unit 1 2A1- VIDEO: Going Behind Bars
Unit 2 2A2- VIDEO: Viewpoint of a Prisoner
Unit 3 2A3- Activity 1: Adjusting to Prison
Unit 4 2A4- VIDEO: Survival Tactics
Unit 5 2A5- VIDEO: Influence of Volunteers
Unit 6 2A6- Activity 2: Conflict of Cultures
Module 2 2B Prison Culture: The Correctional Officer's World  
Unit 1 2B1- VIDEO: Permission to Enter
Unit 2 2B2- VIDEO: Duties of the DOC
Unit 3 2B3- VIDEO: Working with the DOC
Unit 4 2B4- Activity 3: Partnership with the DOC
Module 3 2C: Prison Culture: Recognizing Criminal Thinking  
Unit 1 2C1- VIDEO: Common Personality Traits
Unit 2 2C2- Activity 4: Life Out of Control
Unit 3 2C3- VIDEO: Common Types of Thinking
Unit 4 2C4- VIDEO: Manipulative Behaviors
Module 4 2D Prison Culture: Changing Criminal Thinking  
There are no units in this module.
Module 5 2E: The Basics of the Founders Saw It  
There are no units in this module.
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